Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crazy Week to say the Least

Well, its been a CRAZY week to say the least. It started out with a trip to SLC for a doctor appointment. It all went well and we hung around for awhile to shop and eat and then headed home. As soon as we got home we went out for a lovely dinner with my family at the Pizza Factory. It was my Dads and Beth's birthday and we celebrated with pizza, cake, and ice cream. It was a lot of fun, but by the end of the day we were exhausted. It was both Derek and my last week of school so it was busy with a lot of things going on.

Well, all was going well and we were all keeping busy when I got very very sick on Wednesday. It got progressively worse through the day and I ended up in the emergency room. We spent about 6 hours there and they did several tests on me trying to figure out what was going on. We finally went home at 3 AM and went home with some for sure answers and a few unanswered questions of what was still going on. After a few more doctors appointments the next day and a long day of being doubled over in pain and not being able to walk very well we finally found out what happened to me. I had a cyst rupture and the blood from the rupture traveled up to my gallbladder and really made it infected and inflamed which was causing me such sharp horrible pain. I felt horrible. I was so sick I didn't get to go to the last day of school to say goodbye to my kids. I basically just laid in bed for 2 days and if I was in the just right position I could handle it and start to relax. They put me on a liquid diet for a couple of days to help my body get back to normal. I slowly got back into normal food and now all is going well, but man was that a long couple days, not only for me, but for Derek and my Mom who both took such good care of me and stayed with me through the night in the emergency.

To accompany all this, we moved all our main furniture (including bed, piano, and couches) to our new apartment. Since I was no help the Paynes and my Dad were nice enough to come help Derek get it all taken care of. Since then we have basically been camping out in our house sleeping on a mattress in our empty front room. Its chaotic and crazy at our apartment and very empty but we are happy to start moving things over bit by bit so its not so overwhelming to move all in one day. We are excited for a new place. Here are some pictures of me resting in bed for recovery in our very empty camp like apartment.

To end the week of craziness we had a family reunion with Derek's mom's side of the family...the Rose family reunion. We had fun visiting and driving through the little town of Henriville. We heard some fun storied from Derek's grandma and ate some good food. The Rose family reunion last year was my first family function I had been to of Dereks and about a week and a half later we were engaged. Its hard to believe that was only a year ago. Time flies. Here are some pictures from our Rose reunion adventures.

This fine picture is Alan catching us in our finest moments, it was too good to pass up putting on the blog.

Well that about sums up our long week of craziness. We are about to start another long week of moving into our new apartment, but it will be a good one. That's all folks. See you next week.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Car Wash and Scruff

Today we had a free Saturday (which doesn't happen often) to be able to do all the Spring cleaning we needed to do and get things ready in our apartment for moving day in a couple weeks. It had been a good long while since Derek or my car had been washed and vacuumed. It was getting pretty scary. So we took part of the afternoon and headed out to the Payne's to use their hose and vac shop. Its a good thing these cars are getting all cleaned and polished up this weekend because man have we been keeping the road hot and will continue to keep it hot with doctors appointments and trips. Here are a few pictures of Derek hard at work. 

Second item of news I guess you would call it is ... Derek is growing facial hair. Why is it big news do you ask?... Its no big thing for guys to grow facial hair. Well its been quite the hot topic lately. Derek was starting to get some "scruff" as I like to call it, and I told him I really liked it so he should keep growing it. Well, Grandma Payne has a different opinion. She doesn't like it much at all. She wanted to know if he forgot to wash his face.  I guess some people are for it and some are against. Here is his scruff pictures up close. You can decide.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike

Here is a song to listen to while you read the following post. I think it will get you in the mood for the post:

About a month ago I decided to get my old bike from my parents out because the weather is getting nicer and I just have had the itchin to get it out and ride it again. My dad and Derek did some work on it to get it back up to where it was and its been pretty good. For the past while Derek has also been on the market for a bike. Well, we've been checking DI and other places, no good bikes were ever really around. We went to one of the pond shops here in Cedar and Derek found the bike he wanted right off. It is a really nice bike thats value price is about $475. He got it for $100 and its in really great condition. He has really enjoyed riding it to school and other various places. We've gone on a few bike rides together and enjoyed the summer weather coming in.

Speaking of summer... its just around the corner for the both of us. Derek has been taking his may-mester class and has really enjoyed it. He has 2 more weeks left of that class. I also have 2 more weeks of school left and we are both looking forward to a well deserved summer break. We will still be pretty busy with work during the summer too but it will be nice to have some of our load off our plates. Derek is going to be working full time during the summer as well as take up mowing a few lawns. And I'll be teaching piano as usual and summer school twice a week through June and part of July. We are excited for the summer and some of our fun trips and plans we have set aside.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Turning over a new leaf

It happened to be my birthday this past week, on May 2nd. I turned 24 and Derek always teases me how he married an older woman (only by a month). I had a great day thanks to Derek and family and friends. It was a pretty normal day of going to work and teaching piano but then that night my family and Derek's family got together at my parents house and had a big BBQ (which was delicious). Derek being the clever, witty, and romantically rugged man he is developed this website for me to wish me a happy birthday. This is the link to the website: bib.derekmpayne.com .We all had a good time with good food. Here we are right after the BBQ. 

For this first post we are going to keep it short and sweet. I'm going to be adding more posts here back to back of just some quick flashbacks of what else we've been doing since we've started all our memories together. I hope you all enjoy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Adventures Continue

Our "first's" continue with our first Valentines Day together. It included a romantic Wendy's take out dinner under our homemade blanket fort, watching a great classic chick flick of "While You Were Sleeping." It wasn't spectacular, but it was perfect for us. You can be jealous of our blanket fort if you want, because it was cool.

 Unfortunately we also experienced our first car wreck as well (technically it was just me that experienced it. But Derek had sympathy stress with me). And just so you all know... It wasn't my fault (even though the insurance company tried to cheat me out of money by coming up with silly things saying it was my fault). But its all fixed and worked out now so that's all we care about.

On March 28th we participated in our first ever (and the first ever in history) Bucket of Joy Day. Derek did a whole website explaining what it is why we do it and what we did for it. If your curious check it out: joy.derekmpayne.com . The entire holiday is dedicated to my cousin Jared who passed away from battling cancer for over 9 years. We had a lot of fun participating and Derek had fun designing a website in honor of it all. If you would like to participate yourself...do it. Its great, its fun, and it gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of serving those in need.

Here we are at our first relay for life together. Accompanied by our first survivor walk together. We had some people come up to us and tell us how inspiring we were to see a couple our age walking the survivor lap together. We just both smiled and nodded and then after she left we laughed at the idea of it being inspiring that we both got cancer and now are married and how that is apparently inspiring to people.

And last but not least our first big dumpster dive finding, a desk. Derek and I were out in our parking lot one day and saw a desk with legs poking out of it. We pulled it out and it was brand new. So Derek wiped it down and now each of us have our own desk to work on homework and such.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Some of Our First Adventures

Derek and I have turned over a new leaf. Since being married it seems life has passed us by so quickly. We always have places we're going or things we're doing. We've almost been married 9 months now and we realized we don't really have any memories or experiences written down or documented. Thus, the blog. This will be a great way to keep a journal for us and a way to keep family updated on all our happenings in life. Just to back track quickly over some of the memories we have created together so far in our lives together we thought we might just show you some of our first adventures together. We'll do a quick recap of the past 9 or so months and then be up to date to start blogging about the now. So if you'd like to join us here is a quick trip down memory lane:
This is one of Derek's dates that we did just after we were engaged. 
We went with Derek's parents and brother Alan to Cedar Breaks hiking one day for a quick trip. Although it wasn't much hiking because we had to stop half way through because of snow still on the ground. 
While we were engaged Derek even got the honored privilege to come to my favorite place in the world, Delta. We helped clean out my grandmas house (because she passed away last May) and while we were there we explored my families feed lot. Good old Delta. And then it finally happened...
We got married!!! It was such a beautiful day (hotter than we all would have liked, but still great) and it was the best decision we have ever made. We both were so lucky, we couldn't ask for any better...we each married our best friend. 
Derek always is randomly surprising me with fun things when I come home from work. One day I came home to this.
We had a fun hobo dinner night at the Payne house not long after we were married. We followed dinner with an intense match up of mother in law vs. daughter in law in ping pong. ... I don't remember who won this one.

This was a quick trip up to Woods Ranch to do a little picnic with the Paynes. I love this picture.
And who can forget the Keate family Halloween party. We had lots of fun. There were Halloween games, a Halloween feast, and costumes. We had a great time at the party.
Derek took the pictures for his sister LeAnne's wedding announcements and after the photo shoot we had our own photo shoot of playing in the leaves at the university.
Had a Christmas party with a whole bunch of our good friends. It was fun.

Here we are at our first Christmas together at the Payne house. Hannah and the other grandkids are acting out the Nativity scene.
 Since Derek and I got married in the midst of school starting for the both of us we didn't get much of a Honeymoon. In fact, it was less than 24 hours. SO for Christmas break we went down to Las Vegas for a couple of days. It was great. We went and saw Phantom of the Opera, toured the fun places to go, and our room was awesome it had a love tub. Seriously the biggest tub I have ever seen. And if you know me at all you know I LOVE my tubs. You better believe we took advantage of that one. It was great. We call that trip our second honeymoon. That takes us up through year 2011 with some of the adventures we've been on and some of life happenings. We will continue next time with a few more.