Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We went to Christmas Parties, went sledding, Skyped our favorite missionary, and much more.We spent time with both families on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Here are a few pictures (it may seem like a lot but I could have shared a lot more...so its a few) and I'll explain as I go. 

We were able to go to our annual friend Christmas Party get together. We had a good time visiting and catching up with everyone that we don't get to see that often. 

These are the stockings that I made Derek and I. I thought they turned out pretty dang cute. We (all of the Payne family members) were at the Payne on Christmas Eve Eve (yes that was a double Eve). It was Jeanne's birthday on December 23rd and we all got together to see each other, celebrate her birthday, Skype with Alan, and open presents early because it was the only time that everyone was going to be together til after Christmas sometime.

This is Noah opening one of his presents...as you can tell he was super excited. 

Alan sent all of us a Christmas package and we had a lot of opening it. Thanks Alan for all the great presents and goodies ... although some of those Niceragua "goodies" weren't all that great tasting. Alan sent me this purse. I love it.

This is all of us Skyping with Alan. We had a lot of fun talking to him and it was good to see him too. He is doing great. 

Then came Christmas Eve morning. We went sledding with all of my family. It was really fun to go with all the kids. I hadn't been sledding in awhile. Its a good work out. We all had some good laughs and had a lot of fun. 

My cute nephews (and niece) getting all dressed up for sledding. 

My brother Joe and nephew Eli after just going down the hill together. They had a blast. Derek and I also went down several times together and have pictures ... but not at the moment. Maybe another time. 

 After sledding we all went back to my parents. We had our annual Christmas Eve dinner and program. 

Here we all our listening to Grandpa Lyman's Christmas story. 

All the grandkids acting out the Nativity.

All the kids in their Christmas Jammies. We spent Christmas Eve night at my parents house. We stayed up and watched The Santa Claus and then headed to bed. 

Christmas morning we came down to find lots of presents to open from each other. 

Derek and I Christmas morning in front of the Christmas tree. Don't mind that we had just got out of bed and I didn't have make up on and my hair is everywhere. We opened all our gifts and we were both very happy about all the things we got. We were very lucky to get all the things we did. 

We had Christmas breakfast with all my family before we headed out to the Payne's to visit them some more and enjoy the rest of Christmas day with them. 

We have had a great Winter break and are enjoying all the time off that we get to sleep in and spend time with eachother, with friends, and with family. 

Merry Christmas everyone ( a little late) ... and a Happy New Year! 

I can't believe its 2013!