Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Update

This is Derek writing the post for this week. We are doing very well, but not much else to report on. Both Bib and I have been trying to get ahead with work and school so that we will be able to relax during the Thanksgiving break.

We saw the movie Lincoln last night with my parents and we all liked it very much. We got there a bit late, so we ended up sitting in the front section of the theater and had to strain our necks to look up at the screen the whole time. It was still enjoyable, but we all left with some soreness in our necks. (Last week we also saw Wreck-it-Ralph with Bib's parents. We also recommend that everyone sees it as well.)

Bib and I are working on eating healthier and exercising more. Yesterday morning I played basketball with some guys in our ward and I am super sore now. Bib also did a work out and she reports soreness as well.

That is all. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween, Preschool Conference, and Life.

It was a very hectic week this week. I had to go out of town on the afternoon of Halloween as soon as I got off work and all the kids went home to a state preschool conference in Provo. I had some huge assignments due in my online class and a lot to do around the house to get ready to leave. Wednesday at preschool we just all dressed up for Halloween. It was a crazy and fun day. The kids loved our Halloween party and I took some fun pictures from that.
Derek took this picture right before he dropped me off at work. 
My little niece came to get her picture taken with me while I was at work. We were both ladybugs... we couldn't pass it up. 
My nephew Eli who goes to my school also got in on some of the snap shots. He was Frankenstein. He didn't paint his face green for this one but he was all decked out on Halloween night. 
We had a big staff lunch at school for Halloween. This is what I took for everyone to share. Hopefully you can tell what it is. 

As soon as all the kids went home from school all of us teachers changed out of our Halloween costumes and headed for Provo. We went out to eat at Zupas the night we got there and then all crashed at our hotel because we were so tired. Carolyn (my fellow teacher) found out some of my sleeping habits of sleep talking during the nights. I was out cold. We spent the days in conferences and workshops on ideas on how to be a better teacher. Some ideas I thought were great and I could really apply and some ideas I thought were a bit extreme. It was a great conference and we all had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I was a slacker and didn't take any pictures during our adventures on the trip but I have some great memories with those ladies. I'm so blessed to be able to work with such great people and a job that is so perfect for me.

We did some shopping and eating and had a great time. After the conference on Friday we all were ready to come home. Derek came and picked me up from the preschool and when I got home I found this...

I think that's probably the longest we have been apart since we started dating and we both were happy I was home. I have such a good husband.

While I was gone these are some of the things Derek did: School, homework, work, homework, got to go eat dinner with his parents and LeAnne and Trent who were visiting, homework, go to a mini workshop and class on letter press, and more homework. He is such a hard worker and he even got some things done around the house. We can't wait for his semester to be over.

We woke up Saturday morning and went on a nice walk. Lately we have really enjoyed the fall weather and going out on walks. We were able to get some things done and visit family.

This morning (Sunday) we both got up early. Derek did some reading and I was finishing up one of my big assignments for my class and preparing to take a quiz when I looked down at my wedding ring and realized one of my diamonds was missing. It has made us just so sad. Derek and I said a quick prayer that we would find it and have been keeping our eyes peeled. The diamond that is missing is pretty dang small so our chances aren't good but we will hope. Luckily its under warranty and they will replace any lost diamonds for free but we were pretty sad. Here is a picture of my missing diamond ring.

Don't mind my dry man looking hands. But if you can see the small diamond that makes up the square in the middle of my ring is missing. :(

Until next week...