Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Past Few Weeks...

Derek had gum grafting surgery a week ago and he is starting to be able to eat food a bit easier now. He did really well with the surgery. There was some pain and kind of was an annoyance to have with eating food and such but overall he did well. I had the same surgery done a few years ago and he did better recovering than I did. Basically what they do is cut some skin from the roof of your mouth and graft it in where it is needed. Derek's was his bottom lower gums. He had to get it done because his teeth were getting sensitive because the gums were wearing away in that one spot. He still has his stitches in but doing really well. Here is a picture right after his surgery. We didn't get one of the inside of his mouth because he wasn't allowed to show that in case it ripped or did anything while it was still very sensitive.

This week was my last week at the preschool. It is so crazy to me and I'm not sure that it has fully hit me yet that I am done. My classroom is totally cleaned out and I handed in my iPad and keys. It is weird to see that chapter of my life come to a close and its really hard to come to grips with because I love that job so much as well as the people and the kids that I work with. It is so rewarding to work with some of these kids. They are so special and to be able to see them progress and grow is so fun. The ladies that I work with are the most wonderful women in the world and I will be sad to not be able to work with them so closely anymore. But I will still keep in contact with them all and always be their close friend. Here are a few pictures of my last day.

This is the first summer honestly since graduating high school that I have not been taking some kind of summer class or getting ready for the next school year and it is very weird. I am so excited to get things ready in the next three months though to welcome our little guy into our family. Its coming faster than we thought, but we are so excited.

Derek is working full time at the college now and taking advantage of the free hours he has to work on projects and do things that he has wanted to do for awhile. Now we can have our summer adventures begin...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthday, Mothers Day, and More

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to post for a couple weeks now to update you on a few things but its just been a bit crazy. I am finally getting around to it though. So here we go. We celebrated my birthday on May 2nd. It was a great birthday. I went to work and when work was over we had a big family dinner and opened presents and just spent the rest of the evening relaxing and visiting with family. Thank you to everyone who made it a great birthday. Here are a few pictures from the party.

For my birthday Derek got me a new laptop since mine was dying (its a chromebook and i love it), and he also got me a big body pillow (because sleeping is starting to get a little more uncomfortable with my growing tummy). My parents gave me money to put towards a new rocking glider chair for my nursery and Derek's parents gave me some money as well. I also got some candy and some of the most comfy pajamas I've ever owned. It was a fun day. 

On mothers day we went to my moms ward to be with her and my dad. It was fun to visit their ward. After that we spent some time with her and then headed to the Paynes. We all took a trip to Hurricane for a family get together and then headed back just in time to skype with Elder Alan. :) It was fun talking to him and hearing some of his fun stories. He is doing great. Here are a few pictures from our skype with him. 

Mothers day was a great day and Derek and I are both so blessed to have such wonderful moms in our lives. They are both great examples and we love them and appreciate all they do for us. 

Derek is done with school!! ... well for this semester and then only one more to go! He passed all his classes with great grades and is now working full time in the summer. He is mowing a few lawns again this summer and keeping busy. I only have 2 short weeks left of my school year and then I am done... a little bit sad but exciting at the same time. I have slowly been cleaning out my classroom and trying to get things done there so it doesn't hit me all at once. We are doing a lot of cleaning and going through a bunch of our stuff to sell in order to make room for this baby and get things prepared. I'm almost 6 months along and its coming faster than we both thought it would. Life is wonderful and we are so blessed. Thats all the updates for now. See you next time. :)