Sunday, July 22, 2012

Babies and Doctors

This week was a great (and busy) week filled with good news. Monday night we headed up north to spend the night so we could wake up the next morning and go to Derek's regular 3 month check up at Primary Children's Hospital. Well, on the way up we got a phone call saying that Sarah had her baby! She had a healthy little boy, Steven, and it all went very quickly and smoothly. 

We stayed the night at Trent and Leanne's house and they were great hosts to us. We got up early the next morning and headed the rest of the way to Salt Lake for a morning full of scans, x-rays, and labs. After all the tests were done we met with his doctor and she said that everything was looking great and Derek is still clean and doing great. We will go back for his next check up in October which will mark 2 years of the cancer being in remission!  

After the check up was done we took a quick detour to see Dave and Sarah's baby and talked with them for a bit. After leaving the hospital we were happily driving along when I heard a weird sound. We pulled off to the side of the freeway and our drivers side rear tire was COMPLETELY flat. We were almost to Fillmore when we pulled off. It was really hot outside in the middle of the afternoon with cars and semis rushing by as Derek tried to change the tire as best he could. We put on the spare and drove the rest of the way home on that. Since then, we have taken it in to get fixed and all is well now. It put a little kink in the trip, but everything turned out fine.

Friday morning we got a call saying that another baby had made its way to this world. Amy had a beautiful little girl. They haven't named her yet, but she is darling and we are all excited to have her and Steven join our family.

Today (Sunday) we got up first thing to go to a doctors appointment for me in St. George. We got done with that and rushed back so that I could accompany a duet in sacrament as well as give our own talks we prepared for sacrament. It was a busy Sunday of rushing here and there and going from one thing to the next at church. We are relieved to have it all over and that everything went well.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pinewood Derby Races

This past week our married ward hosted the annual derby car race, however they did it a little differently. The women were welcome to participate as well. They had a "legal" category where those participants did normal regulation rules and weight, etc. They also had an "illegal" category where participants could basically do whatever the heck they wanted to their car. Some people even threatened to make theirs with rockets and motors. Well, that didn't happen. There were a lot of great ideas but not very many of them panned out as planned. So, Derek and I both made our derby cars. I was going more for looks with my car and made it black and pink with a cute little license plate on the back. I actually did really well in the race and beat almost everyone. Derek's car however dominated all. Wait...did I say Derek's car? I meant Derek's train. It weighed in at 8 pounds and is made out of pure led bricks. He had a lot of fun making it and was obviously racing in the illegal category. It took it a while to warm up, but by the end it was dominating all the other cars. He named his train Big Johnson...and the name fit appropriately. Here are the pictures of our winning cars. We had a lot of fun participating, a lot of laughs, and fun making our cars. There are some more ideas that we would like to experiment with derby races, can't wait til next years races.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keate Kamp Adventures

Well everyone, it was the big week this week.... Keate Kamp. Each year my family has a reunion in New Harmony and we stay at a cabin for several days basically just partying it up. Keate Kamp is a little deceiving however. It is the Keates that the gathering is for-true. It is far from camping because we just stay in a cabin in the mountain and the cabin is very nice and more like a home. And camp is not really spelled with a "K" at the beginning. It just was a cute idea at the time when we started this tradition 8 or so years ago. Anyway, its something we all look forward to each year and its just several days of laughing and good clean fun.

Our first day at Keate Kamp was July 4th so we had a big BBQ and set off fake fireworks in the cabin (absolutely no fireworks were allowed in New Harmony because of the recent wildfire there, I don't blame them.... so instead we adjusted our plans and had fun anyway with fake fireworks). Each morning and night we had a family devotional where we shared a thought and had prayer and such. Our Keate Kamp theme for this year was "I Can Do Hard Things." We all had a lot of fun with this theme and it was good for all of us to talk about and share our experiences.

All the kids gathered for our first devotional. 
In spare time all the kids (with the help of adults) built a cool fort just outside the cabin. They had a TON of fun with this. 
Us just chillin at the cabin. 
And this is just a really cute picture of my cute niece Dresden.

 The next morning we got up and headed over to Kanaraville to do the Spring Canyon Hike. It was a lot of fun. All 24 of us went on the hike including 8 month old Kenzie who was strapped to the front of an Adult at all times.
Hiking Kanaraville Spring Canyon Hike. 

On Friday we spent the day playing fun games in the church grounds in New Harmony. We did a piniata, hula hoop games, water balloon games, played catch, etc. It was a lot of fun and we fit everything in just in time before the huge rainstorm came in and forced us all indoors for the rest of the night. That wasn't too bad however, because we all had fun playing games and watching movies and just doing our different things.

Morning devotional outside
Big group shot with Keate Kamp shirts (Kenzie is missing because she fell asleep in the car but maybe we will photo shop her in later).
Group outside activities. We had a ton of fun with these games. 

Derek and I showing off our Hula Hoop Skills. Don't mess with us.
Derek and I before we headed off from the cabin for the day.

Saturday morning we got up early and once again headed to Kanaraville to do the Kanaraville Falls Hike. If you haven't gone, I highly suggest it. It's my favorite hike of all time. After the hike we all went back to the cabin and cleaned up to head home.

Kanaraville Falls Hike shots.

Keate Kamp was a lot of fun. It went by way too fast, as always. Time flies when you are partying it up at a cabin in New Harmony with good company. Until next time...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Quick and Dirty

This week's update is going to be a quick one, and sadly not even any pictures to add. We were both busy this week with our regular hectic lives and trying to get back into the swing of things after our trip. On Friday after Derek got off work we went down to Vegas and spent the night at Brian and Amy's. It was Hannah's birthday so we got to see the kids for awhile, play with them, and then visited with Brian and Amy before we all headed to bed. The next day we just spent some time with my cousins and aunt and uncle as well as my grandpa before we headed home. It was kind of a quick trip down and back but it was good to see family and see my couisn Kim for her baby shower. We got called in by the stake presidency on Sunday because they had a new calling for Derek. His new calling is Assistant Ward Financial Clerk. Everyone so far has just said that they loved that job when they had it or wished that they could have that job, so Derek was pretty excited about that. We were just relieved it wasn't councilor in the bishopric or something. It was a great week and we're doing good. Sorry for the quick and dirty but that's all there is for this week. We're busy getting ready for our next big adventure, Keate Kamp. More to come on that next week. :)