Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Busy Month

A lot has happened in the short month since its been since I posted last. I don't have much time to post but I hope to post more often than I have been. There will be much more to come after this but here is a glimpse of what has been happening this past month in the Payne lives. Enjoy! 

Keaton is growing up so fast! He is keeping me busy and makes me laugh everyday. His favorite place to be used to be his bouncy chair. But now he just tries to sit up or rolls out of it. 
 Keaton loves spending time with his daddy!
 He has been trying out lots of new food. His favorite from what I can tell is pears and his least favorite is peas, but he is a good eater and a messy eater and seems to like most everything we give him. Hope it stays that way...
 Derek has been leaving heart stickers for me to find in surprising places for me to find. They all say little messages to me (I know, I have the best husband ever). He decided to be funny one day and put a heart sticker on Keaton for me to find when I came downstairs. Keaton had no idea but he thought it was funny.
 Keaton loves his big boy activity center that my sister Krista let us borrow. 
 The best part of the day is when Daddy comes home from work. Keaton gets so excited.
 He has a smile that I can't get enough of. I love spending my days with this cute little guy!
 A lot of people have told us how Keaton shows so many expressions through his eyes. We agree. His eyes light up and tell all that he is feeling and thinking. This picture is one example.
 Keaton turned 6 months old on Valentines Day! I can't believe how big he is already and how fast those 6 months went. Derek and I are so blessed for our little family.
 Keaton tried out his big boy high chair for the first time. He looks so bug in it! He really likes his high chair!
 Derek is not afraid to strap a baby carrier on and tote our little guy around the house. Keaton didn't like it at first but he has gotten used to it and likes being with us as we go around with him strapped to us. 
 Kaden Mark Corry was born on February 5th and we were so excited. Keaton is pretty mesmerized by him and they are already the best of Buddies. Just under 6 months apart. Right now Keaton looks like a giant next to Kaden, but they will be running around together in no time!
 Keaton loves spending time with Grandma Keate at her house. We are so grateful for her and all that she does to help us with Keaton.
 Keaton has gotten to the stage where he knows what toy he wants and if he can't get it he will get upset. He loved my shiny looking Camera and wanted to get his hands all over it. Of course he couldn't have my camera because the first place it would go would be in his mouth. He didn't like that idea and this is the face I caught on camera when he realized he couldn't have it. Poor guy, life is so rough sometimes. 
 Over the 3 day Presidents Day weekend we took a trip to Tropic, Utah. For those of you who don't know its Bryce Canyon area. We had a lot of fun. We went with our great friends Pace and Amanda Clarke and Jens and Vonae Swensen and both of their babies. We went to play at Clarkes Resteraunt with our trio but it was mostly an excuse to get out of town and have a little vacation. It was Keaton's first real vacation away from home and we were pretty hesitant how it would be with his sleep schedule and how he would handle a new place. Overall he did really well and we are a lot less afraid to travel with him now. He did great. Here he is hanging out in the hotel room.
 Here Derek and I are at our Hotel room. We were excited to be out of town awhile and we had a lot of fun.
 One of the things we did was go play ping pong. Vonae and I didn't quite take it as seriously as the others, but we did have fun. We even threw down some sick jams (I have no idea if thats how you say it if you are trying to be cool) and did some rapping with some songs and about our trip to tropic. 

 Here we are playing for our trio at Clarkes Restueraunt. Delicious food and good music. Can't get better than that!

 We got to visit with Pace's parents at their house for awhile and we really enjoyed being there. Here Keaton is riding his first rocking horse. They were so nice to us to let us invade their house and eat with them.
Our trio also played at the Garden House on Valentines Day. Because we didn't get to spend Valentines Day with each other Derek and I did an early Valentines date with each other a week before. Keaton went to Grandma and Grandpa Paynes house for the afternoon while we had the afternoon to ourselves. It was a lot of fun. 
 Derek was so sweet and decorated our house with post it notes all over the place to surprise me when I came home from playing at the Garden House on Valentines. This was just what he did in the bedroom.

 This was the giant card I left Derek in his car that he found after work. 

We had a fun Valentines day and great 3 day weekend vacation. Now its back to reality and getting back to work. More pictures and stories to come soon. But for now, thats all folks. Thanks for reading!

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